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I live in Georgia where I see so much racism happen to everyone but my race. I can walk down the halls of my school all day and just skip class and not one administrator ask for a pass. But my black friend got 3 days in school suspension because she went to the bathroom right across the hall without a pass and an administrator thought she was skipping. I live in an area where white people still expect blacks and other people of color to move out of their way on the sidewalks if their paths collide. I’ve experienced a white woman throw her cup of hot coffee at a black woman and called her slews of racial slurs because the black woman bumped into her in the store. I’ve experienced racism second hand so maybe I’m a dumb fucking cunt but when you’re white and you witness racism like I have you can take getting called cracker. So chill the fuck out tbh
I want us to make each other better. someone you should probably hold on to (via braided-funk)

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Children of Hurin by  Didier Graffet